What to bringÖ.and what not to bring!

Firstly donít forget your passport!


Your private bunk will be provided with freshly laundered sheet, duvet and pillow.  So you donít need a tent or sleeping bag.


The bus has a small kitchen onboard so no need to bring any cooking equipment.

The bus will stop in town on Saturday morning and it is about 20 minutes away from the campsite by bike, so there is no need to bring food with you if you donít want to.  Many people like to bring some cereal and snacks.  If you do wish to bring your own food there is a fridge on board the bus.

Climbing stuff:

Try not to forget your climbing shoes!  Bring your bouldering pad if you have one.  if you donít have one, we can rent one to you on most trips.  We also carry a stock of tape, chalk, maps and guidebooks.  if you want to guaranteed the availability of any of these items they must be ordered via the website or over the phone before departure.

Personal items:

If youíre bringing a phone and/or a camera, 240v sockets are supplied throughout the bus for your chargers.

And finallyÖdonít forget your passport!